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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Learn How To Throw A Great Carnival Themed Thirtieth Birthday Party

by Heidi Wheeler

If you have a loved one that will be turning thirty in the near future, consider throwing them a birthday bash they are sure to remember. When throwing a great party, you need to first consider the theme. If you want to throw a party that everyone will be talking about for years to come, throw a carnival themed party. The following guide will walk you through a few essentials you need to create the ultimate carnival party for your loved one.

A Dunk Booth

A dunk booth is something that everyone is sure to love. See if you can talk a friend into sitting in the booth for the party. You do not want to have too many people getting in and out of the booth because someone could slip and get hurt when entering or leaving it.

Bounce Houses

Bounce houses are fun for all ages. They do have weight restrictions so you need to be sure that you rent houses that are large enough to accommodate children and adults. You want everyone to be able to have fun at the party and choosing an inflatable bounce house that can allow everyone to jump is important.

Concession Stands

You want everyone to eat while they are at the party. Having party snacks for them to nibble on that are carnival themed will bring the theme together and keep people happy. Rent a peanut warmer, hot dog roller, popcorn machine, and cotton candy maker for the big day. These items are easy to operate and worth the small rental fee that the rental company will charge for all of them.

Carnival Games

A carnival would not be complete without carnival games. Be sure that the games are difficult enough for adults to actually have fun while they are at the party. Be sure that you take the time to find prizes to send home with everyone so that it has even more of a carnival theme. Small stuffed animals, candy, and even goldfish make great prizes to give out at the party. These are very affordable and they fit the theme.

When you're planning a big event like this, work with a party rental company like Ken Rent. They will come to the venue location, set everything up for you, and haul it all away when the party ends. The company may give you a package deal if you rent all of these items from them. The carnival theme will bring back memories of childhood and allow your friend to feel younger than they really are and give them the ability to really enjoy their special day.