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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Don't Just Make A Wedding Video... Create Wedding Cinema!

by Heidi Wheeler

When it comes to capturing that special day, wedding videos have matured. Gone are the days of setting up a single camera in one location and simply hitting the record button. Couples want more than just getting the traditional moments recorded; they expect true cinematography and a thoughtful, film-like result.  

What can help create a cinematic result for your own wedding video?

Pacing and Placement of Edits

The video editor should do more than simply cut at the end of a scene (such as when the first dance music ends) and begin a new one. He or she should create edits that are motivated by the pacing and flow of the video's story.

Edits should help a scene build to a climax and then cut on the action rather than linger too long. Reactions (the groom seeing the bride for the first time), sounds (the 'I do' moment) or certain visuals (a bouquet flying up into the air) create perfect natural edit points.  

Vignettes and Mattes

The raw footage captured by a videographer can include some great gems hidden inside a lot of noise and distracting images. One trick to pulling out these treasured moments is for the editor to use a vignette to block out the unwanted parts and allow a single moment or person to shine. Similarly, mattes or masks help focus your audience's eyes on only the moment you want them to see. 

Inserting Still Photos  

Clever but conservative use of still pictures in the action of your video break up the moments nicely and allow for a visual pause. It can create a great place to insert some edits between scenes or bring variety to longer videos.  

And if there were any less-than-perfect wedding day moments, the editor may be able to cover them over with a well-placed still photo from the wedding, the couple's past or even a recreated moment. By using photos consistently in the rest of the video, a patch like this would blend seamlessly in the story.  

Lighting Effects

Whether it's done while filming or in the editing room, lighting changes can go a long way to giving a video a true cinematic feel. Colors and lighting choices create mood and emotion. Lens flares or light refractions can be added in to create a filmic quality, as can virtual spotlights during key moments between one or two individuals.  

They key to creating a grand video movie of your wedding is to choose high-quality videography services and an experienced video editor. Remember that the video will be one of the key mementos of your wedding and so deserves all the time, professionalism and attention to detail given to any other great and enduring film. Contact a company like Watrous Video Productions to get started.