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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

2 Tips To Hold A Military Reunion For Your Son

by Heidi Wheeler

If you are planning to hold a reunion for your son's military unit, below are some tips to make it a great one. This will allow your son to reconnect with the people he served with. A reunion may also provide him with a place that he feels safe to share stories with people that will completely understand.

Figuring Costs

It can be expensive to hold a military reunion, especially if a lot of people are attending. You will have to cover things like the hotel room, airfare, transfers, meals, tax and gratuities, and residential activities. If you cannot afford to pay for this, ask the people attending if they can make and pay for their own travel arrangements, as well as pay for their hotel room.

If you are holding a social event, you may want to consider asking everyone to pay to attend your function. If you want to pay for some things yourself, you could hire a local caterer to serve food to everyone at the social event. Tell the caterer why you are hiring them, and they may offer a discount.

Choosing a Hotel

When you book hotel rooms for the military reunion, the hotel should be able to offer group rates which is a way to save money. The hotel may give you an even bigger discount if you tell them why you are booking the rooms.

The hotel should have a room that is large enough to hold the event. If there are disabled people coming to the reunion, make sure the hotel can accommodate them. They should have rooms that include things like large entry ways to fit wheelchairs through, and enough space inside the room. Some rooms may include support bars in the shower and next to the toilet. Ask the hotel to give you a list of what they offer so you can make sure everyone attending has a comfortable place to stay.

Ask the hotel if they offer a hospitality suite. This is a room that everyone can use as a meeting area to go in and out of whenever they want. This suite generally keep snacks and drinks available at all times, and some even offer to fill up a bathtub full of ice to keep alcoholic cans cool.

If children are attending the reunion, you should make sure the hotel can accommodate them also. Look for hotels that have things like game rooms, inside and/or outside swimming pools, and game consoles in the rooms.

Tracking down the people your son served with may take a lot of time if your son has not kept in touch with them. For this reason, plan the event well ahead of time. This also gives you time to send the invitations, and get back the RSVP so you know approximately how many people are attending.

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