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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Outdoor Wedding Venues Located Close To Manhattan

by Heidi Wheeler

Many people think of Manhattan wedding receptions as glitzy, indoor spectacles. While that is certainly accurate, and you can throw a big reception at The Plaza or some other 4 star hotel, you don't have to have an indoor wedding. There are plenty of areas to have a beautiful wedding reception that are located just outside of the city. Below are three ideas about where to look.

Ocean Front Country Club In Long Island

Long Island has some amazing real estate. If you head to the south shore, you will find properties that overlook the Atlantic Ocean. Many of the large country clubs will host wedding events, even for people who are not members. The most popular area is The Hamptons. This is the stretch of beachfront towns in Suffolk County that has exclusive homes and is super popular with celebrities. The other area to consider is Montauk. This is the town located at the very end of Long Island. It's way more relaxed and not as ultra-hip as The Hamptons. It was a fishing village for a long time and still retains some of the old world charm. The area has gorgeous beaches, lighthouse towers, and cool little hotels. There are not any big country clubs like in The Hamptons, but you can find a restaurant and set up a beachfront reception.

A Vineyard In Long Island

If you prefer something inland and more rustic, then look to some of the vineyards on Long Island. Most of them are not oceanfront, but they do have beautiful scenery. Many of them have a large tasting hall/dining area situated outside. The vineyards provide a very bucolic atmosphere for people looking for a relaxed atmosphere.

Mansion In Westchester or Duchess County Overlooking The Hudson River

If you want to have your wedding reception on the grounds of an enormous estate, outdoors, and overlooking the beautiful Hudson River, then you should check out some of the magnificent estates in Westchester and Duchess County (the town of Rhinebeck in particular has one of the most popular estates). These are located north of Manhattan, but you would think you were transported to a grand estate somewhere in Europe. There are enormous mansions that were built by mega-industrialists and other businessmen many years back. Many of these places now rent out the grounds for corporate events, weddings, and movie shoots. You will have an amazing view of the Hudson River, as well as the advantage of an immaculate landscape and gorgeous architecture.

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