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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

How Can You Get Event Tickets Before Everyone Else?

by Heidi Wheeler

You want the best event tickets possible. Everyone does. And, that's where the problem comes in. Every person is trying (at the same time) to get those magical seats. This leaves you out in the cold. But, before you give up or give in, check out these tips for scoring the seats that you want. Don't stress. It's not entirely impossible to get the tickets you've been dreaming of. All you need is some pre-buying planning and a few tricks of the trade to get you exactly what you want.

Sign-Up for Presale Alerts

This tactic helps you to get a jump on the general public. There are a few different options for using this method. Large companies (such as Ticketmaster) give buyers the chance to sign up for a presale code. Entering this code allows you to specially purchase your tickets before people who don't bother to get one. If this isn't an option, some fan clubs, performers and other organizations offer email alerts. While this might not get you in line (that is, online) before everyone else, you may get some insider information when it comes to the exact time that the tickets go on sale or some sort of special buying benefit.

Sort through Social Media

This is kind of like signing up for presale alerts or insider emails. Bands, performers or other organizations that offer events may have special information on their social media pages. This might include a presale announcement that is only accessible on their Facebook fan page or a tweet that is only sent out to followers. Along with added info, it's also sometimes possible to get presale codes as well.

Try Different Devices

Your laptop is slow. Even though you'd like to think your various security service software is keeping it clean, it's just not as fast as you'd like it to be. When it comes to buying event tickets online seconds matter. That is, those few precious seconds that it takes your browser to refresh may make the difference between getting the seats you want and getting shut out. Even though you aren't entirely sure if your laptop will get you in the fastest, your tablet or smartphone might. Instead of chancing it, try buying tickets online from several devices at once. You can choose to buy from whichever one ends up being the fastest.

Make buying event tickets easier with some prep and planning. Follow your favorite bands, teams, performers or anyone else who you'd buy tickets for on social media. Sign up for presale alerts, emails or text notifications. This may put you in the front of the line and help you to score the seats that you're looking for.