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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

4 Steps To Organizing An Exciting Bingo Event

by Heidi Wheeler

Have you decided to put together an exciting bingo event? This type of event is a great way to bring people in the community together to have a good time while raising funds that may be donated to some of the different programs in the community, including recreation centers where children go to participate in assorted activities. If you're the one who is in charge of putting this event together, there are many things you'll need to figure out.

Step 1: Decide on the Location

Decide where you're going to have this bingo event take place. Instead of renting out a venue and spending money on a place, you may be able to use one of the recreation centers in the community. Some of these centers have gyms with plenty of space for multiple tables and chairs where people will get to sit down, have fun, and try to win some neat prizes. However, you'll need to make sure the location is large enough for you to host the bingo event based on the number of people who plan to attend.

Step 2: Ask the Community Members For Donations

Those who win different rounds of bingo should receive a prize. It may be a bit too much for you to purchase all the items to hand out to bingo winners. After all, things can get costly if you're having multiple rounds of bingo taking place. The best thing to do is to ask for donations from community members in advance. Many people who want to help raise funds for the different programs might be willing to get involved and purchase some items that would be great to give out as bingo prizes, such as candle sets, perfume sets, purses, home decorations, and much more. If you're receiving a lot of donations, you'll easily have a lot to offer to the bingo winners during the event.

Step 3: Contact a Catering Rental Company For Food Equipment

When hosting a bingo event, it's a good idea to have some food to offer. Whether you're offering hot food or cold food, contacting a catering rental company to rent out some of their food equipment would likely be the best solution for food storage. You'll need to have a convenient spot to put the food you're serving. The company could provide insulated containers, food storage containers, and other equipment you could use for the food. The equipment would help to keep hot food warm so that people can enjoy a good meal throughout the night and you wouldn't have to worry about the hot food getting cold on you.

The catering rental company may provide tableware for rent, too. You could decide to rent out assorted tableware, such as forks, spoons, plates, and cups instead of spending a lot of money on disposable products that would contribute to the amount of trash you'd have to deal with after the event is completely over. 

Step 4: Get the Bingo Supplies

Make sure you have all the bingo supplies people will need to use to participate in the games during the event. You could invest in bingo shutter cards that are completely reusable. Although they initially cost more than the disposable options, you could save them and use them again when planning other bingo events in the future. If you're looking for something quick and fast, you could print out disposable bingo sheets online. If you're using the disposable sheets, make sure you have bingo daubers available. You can buy these special markers in bulk and sell them during the event for those who don't already have their own daubers.

Plan a successful and exciting bingo event by following some simple steps. It's important to decide on the right location, ask community members for some help with donations, rent out food equipment from a catering rental company, and get all the supplies needed for the games. There may be plenty of planning involved, but it'll be worth it as long as everyone has a fantastic time.