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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Fall Holidays Rolling Around? Why You Should Take The Family To The Pumpkin Patch

by Heidi Wheeler

When summer starts drawing to a close and the weather and leaves begin to change, it means that fall is in the air. Fall days can be very beautiful, full of crisp air and fun times with the family. Because the climate is a bit brisker than it was a few months ago, you might think that you have to limit your activities to things you can do indoors. However, there's one outdoor outing that you definitely don't want to miss out on: Going to the pumpkin patch. When the fall holidays come around, find out why you should take your family to a Halloween pumpkin patch.

Going To A Pumpkin Patch Creates A Family Tradition

If you mainly plan visits to the movies or a local restaurant when you're looking to spend time with your family, you might be missing out. It's so easy to forget the content of a movie almost as soon as you walk outside of the theater, or become bored with the same restaurant meals that you all have each week.

You want to create memorable experiences for your family. Going to the pumpkin patch is something that hits on so many different senses. The sight of the pumpkins that are all different shapes and sizes and which seem to go on for acres and acres. The smells of the crisp apple cider that is being given out at one of the booths on the premises. Touching the pumpkins and patting them to hear that hollow "thump" that indicates their ripeness. All of these things play together to create a memorable moment that you can do each year so that it becomes a fond family tradition.

Pumpkin Patches Get You Moving

Many of the activities that people partake in during the colder seasons involve a lot of sitting down. You want to do something that gets the crew up and moving. Their blood will be pumping and they'll be subtly getting in some exercise without them even realizing it. Running all around the patch trying to find the perfect pumpkin can be a source of both fun and fitness.

If there don't happen to be any pumpkin patches in your community, make a road trip out of it. Use the Internet to find the pumpkin patches in some of the neighboring communities. Pack the family up in the car and get ready to have an amazing time.