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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Three Tips For Organizing A Large Rally Or March

by Heidi Wheeler

If there is a cause that is of great concern to you or your organization, it may be beneficial to organize a rally to help gather support and attention to the matter. Unfortunately, organizing a large rally can be a much more complicated task than individuals are prepared to handle. For those without much experience in this field, this lack of experience can lead to some sizable mistakes that could compromise the effectiveness of the march.

Have A Detailed Agenda

One of the first and most important things that you can do for your rally is to set a specific and highly detailed agenda. This is important to ensure that those attending the rally are advocating for the same thing. In addition to setting this agenda, you should meet with any speakers that will address the crowd to ensure that their speech will be compatible with your agenda. Without this step, you may find that it can be difficult to focus the rally on your cause, which can severely dilute the message that you may be trying to convey.

Aggressively Promote The March

It is a reality that large marches and rallies will always gain more attention than smaller ones. Unfortunately, many organizers will simply assume that individuals that share their concerns will attend the march. This passive approach can lead to diminished turnout as news of your event may not spread fast enough before its scheduled date. As a result, many of those that would have attended may only learn of the event after it has occurred or while it is currently in progress. By aggressively promoting the march in the weeks leading up to it, you will be able to better ensure that you have a healthy turnout for the event.

Be Prepared For The Weather

The weather can severely complicate your efforts at organizing a rally. While individuals are often primarily focused on whether it will rain or not, the temperature can be another major concern. If it is particularly hot on the day of the event, individuals may be at risk of overheating or becoming dehydrated. Additionally, if it is extremely cold, individuals may be hesitant about staying for the full length of the rally. To help account for these factors, you may want to ensure that there is plenty of bottled water and cooling stations if it will be hot. On days when the temperature will be cold, you may want to provide hot chocolate or coffee to help keep those in attendance warm.