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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

How To Keep Your Wedding Under The National Average In Price, And Over The National Average In Fun

by Heidi Wheeler

Weddings are very expensive, and this is a fact that most people intending to get married already know. As high as the numbers are, your wedding doesn't have to empty your savings account. To have a wedding that is going to cost less than the national average takes careful planning. This, however, doesn't mean it has to be less fun.

Keep Your Guest List Short

One of the factors that raise the cost of a wedding is a large guest list. Simply put, every extra guest is an extra plate that the caterer will charge you for. Keeping your guest list as short as possible might be hard, but it is necessary if you don't plan on spending a fortune.

Choose Your Venue Carefully

For many people, it's the venue that makes the wedding. However, venues can also represent a significant expense for you.

Choose a ceremony site that you won't have to spend much to decorate. A beautiful public park, a beach, or a grand place of worship are a few good examples. Frame tents can help you create a pop-up venue pretty much anywhere. These can be dressed up with candles, flowers, drapes, and elegant lighting to make them a beautiful space. 

Many people try to save money by having the reception at their home. However, the cost of renting tents, portable bathrooms, chairs, and catering can make this option more expensive. There are many inexpensive wedding venue options that you can find with a bit of effort.


There are several ways of bringing down the cost of food served at the wedding. For starters, you can opt for fewer dinner courses; three is plenty. Having fewer courses can also mean better-quality food. You can also cut costs by keeping the menu simple. Choose specialties that are in season and locally available. You should also buy most of the alcohol on your own. You can make an exception for the champagne that will be used for the toast.


Wedding dresses can be very expensive. However, there are plenty of inexpensive alternatives. Some brides even opt to wear dresses that were worn by other family members at their own weddings. For the suits and/or tuxedos, choose something non-designer.

In some places, the groom's tux is free if other people attending the wedding rent from them. If the theme of the wedding is casual, you may just use something you already own.