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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Planning A Wedding? 3 Details To Consider When Renting Tables For The Reception

by Heidi Wheeler

While some couples may go through the process of finding a wedding venue with packages that cover everything related to the wedding, you may look forward to doing your own planning. This is when you will find that there are a lot of major and minor details that will play a substantial role in determining what kind of experience you and your guests while at your wedding.

For instance, you will need to rent tables for putting together the reception. Although you could rent any table to have a place to put food and decorations, you will have a better time by considering several important details that should help you find the best wedding table rentals.


The weight of the tables that you use will have a noticeable impact at the reception. If you are having an outdoor wedding and you rent lightweight tables, you may notice that all it takes is a strong gust of wind to make the tables start to wobble. Prioritizing heavy tables is also helpful because you want to avoid a situation in which a guest bumping into a table can knock it over.

If you intend on having an open bar, you should expect a lack of coordination from your guests as more time passes throughout the reception. This is where renting heavy tables will come in handy because it will give you peace of mind knowing that they can handle almost anything.


The shape of the tables that you rent is worth paying attention to because you want to make sure everyone has a pleasant experience at the reception. A long and rectangular table will make it hard for guests to speak with one another while sitting at the same time. An ideal setup is to get round tables that make it possible for everyone to talk to each other without shouting.


When you decide on the size of tables for the reception, you do not want to get ones that are too small because you could end up running out of room while eating. A great idea is to consider how many plates each guest will likely have to determine an ideal size for the tables. If you decide on buffet-style dining, you may not need that large of a table when guests only use one plate.

Considering these details when renting tables for your reception will help you make the right choice.