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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

6 Audiovisual Mistakes To Avoid For Your Special Event

by Heidi Wheeler

Audiovisual effects are among the most important features to design and execute successfully when it comes to planning out a special event for your organization. Unfortunately, audiovisual mistakes are frequently made that detract from the full effect of special events.

The following are six audiovisual mistakes you need to avoid for an optimal special event:

1. Not having a clear theme set in your mind

Deciding upon a particular theme is important for achieving focus when planning out the audiovisual tactics you're going to use to make your event outstanding.

You need to have a creative idea in mind that you're basing all of your decisions on before you start collaborating with your audiovisual team to make effective decisions about your event.

2. Neglecting to take full advantage of digital technologies

If you're not capitalizing on digital technologies at your event, you're making a big mistake. Digital audiovisual techniques can help you to create custom-built sets that will really wow your event attendees.

With digital technology, just about anything is possible when you're talking about special audio and visual effects at your event. 

3. Overlooking sound while focusing excessively on visual effects

One common mistake event planners make when planning for a special event is focusing too much on visual effects and not enough on sound. It's ideal to achieve cinema-quality sound at your event to ensure that attendees can hear properly and are aware of all the special audio effects going on at your event.

For a special event that's fairly large, having a subwoofer or two on hand is essential to achieving the full range of sound you need for complete effect. 

4. Ignoring considerations regarding the characteristics of your audience

It's always essential to focus on the target audience of your special event and plan audiovisual effects out to appeal to your audience in particular. Analyze your audience and strategize regarding audiovisual effects to appeal to the emotions and desires of your unique audience.

5. Being unaware that your audience can interact via smartphone

Since just about everybody has a smartphone nowadays, you can take advantage of this to provide an opportunity for audience interaction at your event.

Your audience can participate in special event features like trivia contests and group surveys using their smartphones so that they feel like an integral part of your event activities. 

6. Failing to ask your audiovisual supplier the right questions during the planning stage

You need to ask questions while planning for your event so that you're aware of all the possibilities. Ask about the offerings and capabilities of your audiovisual service provider to make the most of the services they provide.