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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Fine Dining: How To Recognize That Your Date Is A Keeper By Where He Takes You To Eat

by Heidi Wheeler

Everyone has had bad dates and good dates. There is a sprinkling of horror stories in dating, but then there is that one guy that is a keeper. You know it from the moment he chooses the best possible experiences for your date. Most people opt to go out to eat on a first date, usually dinner and a movie. However, it may be prudent to keep things to just dinner until you can see what kind of guy you are on a date with at the moment. Where he takes you to eat is often the first sign of whether or not you should ask for a second date, and whether or not he is a "keeper." Fine dining versus casual dining versus fast food is a very good indication of how you can expect a relationship to go. Here is how to recognize a fine dining establishment, and that your date may just be a keeper. 

Every Table Is Set with Fine White Linens and China Dishes

Fine dining establishments want to stand out, so they use the best tables, the best linens, and the best china. The place settings always include a bread roll plate set above the main plate and a series of flatware set on each side of the large dinner plate. China is mildly decorative but very elegant. Everything is very clean in front of you, as it should be. This reflects that your date has attention to detail and that he/she enjoys the finer things in life or at least knows that the finer things exist.

The Menu Is Not Extensive

Fine dining menus include up to six entrees, eight appetizers, five drink options, four desserts, and meal sides are not optional. Substitutions are only provided if a diner has dietary restrictions due to allergies. The menus are made this way to limit the ingredients needed to create the items listed. Additionally, you will rarely see prices on a fine dining menu as the prices will be higher than what you expect. This follows a European custom that if you have to ask what something costs, you may not be able to afford it. Asking can be considered rude, so it is best to order what appeals to you and not worry about the price. When your date is not worried about the price, you do not have to worry that you will be asked to "Dutch treat." 

There Is a Wine Menu

Instead of beers on tap, these restaurants serve wine and mixed drinks. There is a wine menu and a "top shelf" mixed drink menu. If your date shows that he knows about wine and can order a decent bottle for dinner (assuming you enjoy wine), he is refined and well-educated.

Keep an eye out for these things during your next fine dining date.