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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

3 Keys To Renting A Banquet Hall For A Special Event

by Heidi Wheeler

If you're hosting a big event where a lot of people will be in attendance, you need to choose a venue. There are many options, but you can't go wrong with the comfort and elegance of a banquet hall. Just make sure that when you rent out one of these spaces, you keep these tips in mind. 

Make Sure Space Is Sized Perfectly

When guests show up to this event, you want everyone having plenty of room to move around. Otherwise, guests will feel cluttered and your event won't go as smoothly in the banquet hall. How do you know what size will work, though? 

Well, this depends on the number of guests attending. To gather an estimate, be sure to send out RSVPs months in advance of the event. Then, you can get a fairly accurate idea of the guest attendee numbers. You can then forward these figures to the banquet hall owner or manager, and they'll let you know if the space can provide safe, comfortable accommodations. 

Compare Rental Rates

How much you pay for this banquet hall rental will vary from company to company. As such, it's a good idea to gather estimates from multiple companies so that you do what's best for this event's budget. Receiving accurate quotes is pretty easy.

Simply call into the company that has the banquet hall on their property, letting them know how long you need it for and what services you want provided. Do this with multiple companies until you have several quotes to compare side by side. Ultimately, go with the banquet hall rental that you're most comfortable paying for.

Assess Amenities Provided

So that this special event is great for everyone in attendance, you need to make sure the banquet hall you rent is well-equipped with amenities. There are many you'll want, in particular. For example, banquet halls with bars are a nice touch. Everyone can have a cocktail or beer to kick back and take in all of the entertainment or special announcements.

Banquets halls that come with their own catering company is also ideal. You may pay more, but at least you can ensure every guest leaves full and content. Staging and AV equipment are also a must if you plan on having entertainers or speakers at this event.

Banquet halls are the perfect venues for large events. If you're thinking about renting one out for yours, take your time ironing out all of the relevant details. This won't be hard as long as you know what precautions to take from the start. 

Reach out to a banquet hall rental service to learn more.