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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

4 Tips For An Awesome Club Crawl While On Vacation

by Heidi Wheeler

A great way to explore and enjoy a new city while you're on vacation is to spend the evening on a club crawl. As you move about the city, you get a chance to mingle with the locals, see what type of nightlife the area has to offer, and just have an exciting time overall. Learn how to enjoy an awesome club crawl while on your vacation. 

1. Grab a Friend

If most of the group that you're traveling with aren't the clubbing type, find at least one person that will come with you. Undoubtedly, you will find someone within the tour group to partner with but having someone that you enjoy spending time with will make your experience that much more awesome. However, don't be afraid to socialize and meet new people. 

2. Keep Safety in Mind

Always make sure that you keep your protection in mind. Every city has its good and bad, but if you aren't from the area, you might not necessarily be in the know. If you follow general safe practices like leaving your valuables at home, keeping a small amount of cash on hand, and ensuring you keep up with the rest of the tour group, these standard safe practices will keep you safeguarded.

3. Check Out Dress Codes

The club crawl tour service will provide you with a list of locations you will visit. Research each of the locations to get a general idea of what the dress code requirements look like, as each establishment will have its own. Make sure that whatever you choose to wear will fit within the guidelines of each location so that you don't get to the door and find out you will be denied entry. Avoiding tennis shoes and athletic gear is a good place to start. 

4. Practice Moderation

Kick back and have a good time, but also make it a point to practice moderation. Again, you are in an unfamiliar location, so know your limit when it comes to alcohol and stick with it. Additionally, the tour guides' top priority is ensuring the safety of their patrons. If a person is heavily intoxicated and puts the safety of the other guests at risk, the guide can send the person back to the pickup location and cancel the rest of their tour. 

Contact a local club crawl tour company to find out about the awesome options available to you.