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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Don't Forget to Rent These Types of Chairs for Your Wedding

by Heidi Wheeler

To prepare for an upcoming wedding, you'll likely make a list of the pieces of furniture and other gear that you'll need to rent. Folding chairs will almost certainly appear on this list, and you can meet with your party rental company to decide on the specifics of these chairs. Even as you're focused on your folding chairs, don't forget that there are other types of chairs that you should think about renting, too. Your party rental supplier likely has these chairs in stock and can give you different color and design options to consider.

High Chairs

Standard folding chairs will accommodate your wedding guests at mealtime, but don't forget about proper seating for those who are too young for conventional chairs. If you expect that some small children will be in attendance at your event — which is often the case at weddings — you'll want to rent an appropriate number of high chairs. Many party rental companies have these chairs available, which will allow your guests to seat their children at the tables with ease.

Children's Chairs

Some children can be too big for high chairs but too small for conventional chairs. Depending on how you want your wedding's seating situation to look, it can be fun to think about renting a selection of children's chairs for your young guests to enjoy. These are chairs that are lower to the ground and pair well with low children's tables. For example, while you might want the kids to sit with their parents during the meal, you may set up some child-friendly chairs and tables in various spaces throughout the venue. While the adults socialize, the kids can use their small chairs and tables for board games, artwork, or other similar activities.

Lounge Chairs

While conventional folding chairs will be important, your guests may not want to sit in these chairs for the entirety of your wedding. Instead, they may want to spend time in seating options that are a little more comfortable — that's where lounge chairs can come in. Your party rental company can present you with a variety of lounge chair options. Depending on the size of your venue, you may then wish to rent a handful of these chairs that you can set up in different areas. For example, three or four lounge chairs in the corner of a room can be a good spot for people to relax and converse.

To learn more about your chair options, contact a company that offers wedding party rentals.