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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Why Coworking Offices Are Ideal for Entrepreneurs

by Heidi Wheeler

Entrepreneurs have many choices for where they want to get their work done. Some opt for the cheapest, a home office location, while others overpay for a full shared or individual office space. But as an entrepreneur in the early days of your enterprise, your best option may be a coworking office. And here is why.

1. It Creates a Business Environment.

When you work from home, you face the distractions of both your job and your home life. This can create chaos for a new business person who needs to focus on getting their endeavor up and running. Coworking offices provide a business-like setting that facilitates this. 

2. You Work Around Other Entrepreneurs.

Even though you could rent a space of your own to work, the advantage of working around other professionals is the environment they create. Many of your coworking neighbors are also entrepreneurs out to make a tidy profit and find their own paths in business. Bounce ideas off each other, hear new points of view, and benefit from the experience of those who've gone before. 

3. It's a Lean Money Saver.

A startup business probably doesn't have a big budget to work with. If you must watch every dime, you need a rental that's not full of extras you must pay for.  Coworking offices, as opposed to shared offices, generally offer a minimal package that includes the basics of what you need to get started without a fancy office or dining options 

4. You Can Scale Up and Down.

As your one-person business grows, your needs will change — sometimes for the better and sometimes for the worse — by starting with a basic package, you can decide when it's time to move up to a fuller space or buy more amenities like conference rooms. You can also buy individual services, like fax machines and video conferencing on an as-needed basis. 

5. Your Time Is Your Own. 

Most people start their own businesses to have more control over their work and schedule. The simplicity of a coworking space helps you do that. You aren't obligated to spend a lot of time in the office since you don't pay more than you have to. You can work at any time of the day that works — no matter what's going on at home or in the rest of the office. And you can just use the services you need from there. 

Which of these benefits could make your life as a small startup easier and more profitable? No matter what you need from your workspace, a coworking office is a cost-effective and stress-free way to achieve it. Learn more by touring a coworking office near you today.