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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Three Benefits Of Joining A Coworking Office Space

by Heidi Wheeler

There are many different types of coworking office spaces available, and while these spaces can vary in design, they have the common trait of giving different people the opportunity to rent a space in a building that others are also using. If you're self-employed, renting space in one of these workspaces can be appealing—especially if there's one that is located just a short distance from your home. There are several benefits of experiencing this unique work environment, including these three.

Regular Interactions

One of the challenges of being self-employed is that you may not have a lot of interactions with people during your workday. If you've become self-employed after a period of working in a traditional office environment, you may find that you miss being around people. Joining a coworking office space can be a good way to add some regular interactions to your day. Even though everyone in the office is focused on their own work, you'll get to meet people in the elevators, in the break room, and in other places. These quick interactions can add a more lively feel to your workday.

Access To Resources

Another benefit of joining a coworking office space is that you'll have access to resources that you may not have if you work from home. For example, while you'll typically be responsible for having your own laptop computer, the shared office will often have a photocopier, fax machine, and other equipment for its tenants to use. Convenient access to these devices can be a relief if you've been going to a local copy center to make photocopies or send faxes for your job. Getting up from your desk to use these resources can be a good way to meet others who are sharing this space. For example, you might strike up a conversation with someone while you wait to use the photocopier.

Opportunity For Collaborations

Being part of a coworking office space can make it easy to collaborate. In many of these spaces, you'll learn about the professions of those who share the space with you. There may be times when you wish to work together on projects. For example, if you're coming up with a marketing campaign for your self-employed business and you want to work with a graphic artist to design something for the campaign, there might be someone with this skill set who works in this space. Instead of having to start looking online for a local graphic artist, you could simply approach this individual and see if they're accepting new clients. Look online to learn more about coworking office spaces in your area.