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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Considering A Nontraditional Wedding Venue? 5 Advantages Of Traditional Venues

by Heidi Wheeler

Many couples today are opting for nontraditional wedding venues like parks, mountaintops, beaches, or backyards. But should you follow this trend? Or should you use a more traditional wedding venue? While both choices have merit, a traditional wedding venue has many advantages over a less formal location. What are some of these? Here are five of the most important to consider.  

1. Experienced Staff. A venue that does weddings on a regular basis knows how to manage them. You can rely on staff to help with everything from setting up the tables and chairs to understanding how to make the sound system work in their space. They can often resolve small problems without your intervention. And they'll help guide you to a great setup based on their experience. 

2. Day-of Supplies. The less prepare your venue is for a large wedding, the fewer items they have to contribute toward it. Unlike traditional venues, you may have to secure many of your own supplies, including tables and chairs, sound equipment, linens, and perhaps even electricity. Determine how much you want to have to DIY on your big day. 

3. Established Vendors. Wedding venues don't just provide their own services. They also help you connect with quality wedding vendors. Because they specialize in large parties and events, they have a network that includes bakers, caterers, bartenders, DJs, and rental companies. And they've vetted these vendors themselves. When you skip a traditional location, you'll do more legwork on your own. 

4. Parking and Amenities. That wonderful mountaintop view might look great on film, but how complex will it be to get everyone there for the nuptials? Is there sufficient parking? Will people have to hike? Is it accessible for older or mobility-impaired guests? Are there restrooms? You may find it a lot easier to take great photos on that mountain but hold your party in a more convenient location. 

5. Right-Sized Space. Every wedding is a little bit different. They vary in size, style, guest makeup, activities, and needs. Wedding venues know this, and they offer many ways to tailor spaces to your wedding's size and shape. Nontraditional venues are often unique, but they only have one size and location. Your wedding must fit the space rather than vice versa. 

Where to Start

Want to know more about the advantages of selecting a traditional wedding venue location rather than a more random one? Start by touring wedding venues in your local or destination area. Today's couples have more choices than ever, and you may just find that the best solution is the traditional one.