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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

Four Things To Discuss With Your Outdoor Wedding Venue Coordinator

by Heidi Wheeler

The number one point of attraction at a wedding is the couple confessing their love for each other, but at a close second is the venue. The decision to have an outdoor wedding opens the door to so many options regarding the location and style of the ceremony. However, this decision also requires some additional planning. To ensure your outdoor ceremony is as enjoyable as possible, learn about some things you want to discuss with the venue coordinator beforehand. 

Insect Treatments

If you are holding an outdoor ceremony, you are likely doing so during a warmer time of the year. Keep in mind that with warmer weather, insects are often more active. No outdoor venue space can guarantee a 100% bug-free experience, but you can inquire if they can apply a treatment before your ceremony to help minimize the issue. Some venues automatically apply these treatments, so be sure to ask. 

Lighting Options

After selecting a venue, it is an excellent idea to visit the location around the same time you will have your ceremony. For example, if you are planning a wedding in the late afternoon, do not just visit the location in the morning. This visit will help you determine if poor lighting will be an issue, as you want to ensure all your guests have a clear view of you and your partner.  

Food Storage

If you plan to host the reception at the same outdoor venue, work with the venue coordinator to learn what food storage options they have available. No matter what you serve, you want a place to keep the food away from the elements until you are ready to serve it. If there are no storage options for some reason, you can coordinate with the caterer to deliver later. Whatever the arrangement, get the details beforehand so that you are prepared. 

Ground Covering

If your outdoor wedding follows a more formal tone, find out what ground-covering options are available. Walking in high heels on dirt or other softer surfaces is sometimes a challenge. A walkway or pavers that guests can use to get to and from their seats is a great way to solve this problem. The venue likely has some options available to accommodate your need, so do not hesitate to ask. 

Remember, planning is the key to a fabulous wedding. Keep all these tips in mind as you prepare for your special day. Reach out to an outside wedding venue for more information.