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choosing a DJ for your event

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choosing a DJ for your event

A Two-Story Tent Can Be A Good Fit For These Events

by Heidi Wheeler

If you picture a tent that is available for rent, it's almost certain that you initially think about a one-story structure. Most tents fit this description, but some event rental companies also have two-story tents for rent. These tents are large and have a high-end look. They're not for people who are planning low-budget, small gatherings, but can be a good fit for lots of different events. If you're planning one of the following events and you want to make a major visual impact for your guests, a two-story tent might be the right choice.


It's common to rent a tent if you're planning an outdoor wedding, and all sorts of tents can be suitable for this type of occasion. A two-story tent may be the perfect fit if you're planning a large wedding in which the guest list will be sizable. There are lots of fun ways that you can use a two-story tent. One option is to have the ceremony on one floor and the reception on the other. Separating these two spaces allows you to decorate them completely differently. For example, you might favor a classy, traditional look for the ceremony and a modern, dance club feel for the reception.

Sporting Event

You'll often see two-story tents at certain sporting events, so you may wish to consider this type of tent if you're planning a major sporting event in your area. Not only does the two-story design allow the tent to accommodate more people, but the upper level can provide a better vantage point for the spectators. A common approach is to sell tickets to each level. You might price those on the upper level more expensively, given the better view that the spectators will have.

Trade Show

It's common to have one or more tents at trade shows, but some tents can quickly feel crowded and create an unappealing environment for those in attendance. When you rent a two-story tent for a trade show, you'll have a significant amount of floor space for exhibitors and their booths. You might even think about dividing the booths — for example, having booths that pertain to one topic on one level of the tent, and booths that pertain to another topic on the tent's other level. To learn more about two-story tents and find one that would be a good fit for your upcoming event, contact an event tent rental company.